Gazelle NEXT version 02.12.21 – Mod MudRunner (10.06.2019)

MudRunner Mods Gazelle NEXT

Envelope Gazelle NEXT, this is an envelope of an excellent mod from the SnowRunner game to the MudRunner game. There are two cars in fashion, there are differences in color.

Features in addons:
- Logo GAZ;
- Bumper;
- Spoiler, kenguryatniki;
- Barrel-fuel, etc.;
- Board with cargo, tent-remka, booth-garage;

There are many more interesting addons that can be installed on the onboard platform. But since there is a lot of this and I could not figure out what application to prescribe for it (cargo, garage, fuel or repair), I did not assign any usefulness to them. Gazelle NEXT car addons can simply be transported to MudRunner. Who knows how to prescribe the functionality for them. Wheels from this mod.

P.S. The envelope of the Gazelle NEXT truck was given to me very hard in MudRunner, he tormented him for a long time, and he me. It is quite possible that I missed something, write, if there is something serious, I will correct it.

Download mod 1 | 196 MB Download mod 2 | 196 MB

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