Ursus 15014 and Loader version 01.11.20 – Mod MudRunner (10.06.2019)

MudRunner Mods Ursus 15014 and Loader

Free mod Ursus 15014 for MudRunner with original engine sound. The Ursus-15014 tractor mod has several of its addons in the MudRunner garage.

10 of my Ursus 15014 addons:
- Three side trailers;
- Two trailers with a tank;
- Trailer timber carrier;
- Two counterweights;
- Garage van;
- Front loader.

The URSUS 15014 tractor has good physics and normal off-road capability of MudRunner. The defirintial lock is turned on, and the four-wheel drive is not disabled.

You can choose a camera between normal and driver's. The steering wheel and the default instrument panel are animated in the cockpit, the headlights work even from the outside. Traces of the tread remain behind the tractor wheels.

Download mod 1 | 45.08 MB Download mod 2 | 45.08 MB

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