Dirt road with a scene in the game MudRunner mods

MudRunner Mods Dirt road with a scene in the game MudRunner mods

Dirt road texture with scrabble will upgrade your off-road path. Simply download and install the texture mod into the "TextureCache" archive, after which you usually need to clear the game cache. To do this, you need to go to the C:\Users\You\AppData\Roaming\SpinTires MudRunner folder and delete the 'ShaderCache.sdc' file. But you may not have to do this!

I made a mod for the “Dirt road with scrabble” in the game MudRunner, this is an update of the old texture to a new one. And in the end it looks more interesting than the old one, you can see that it is sprinkled with rubble.

New road texture, with some dirt, in the off-road game MudRunner. Will decorate your trucker's path.

Download mod 1 | 1.54 MB Download mod 2 | 1.54 MB

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