MudRunner trucker guide – tips and walkthrough for a beginner

MudRunner Mods MudRunner trucker guide – tips and walkthrough for a beginner

Meet our Spintires MudRunner game guide - tips and walkthrough for beginners. We will not waste time on long prefaces and will immediately proceed to the tips that we can share.

Spintires MudRunner Guide


Dirt is your biggest enemy in the game

Most of the time you will be driving on muddy roads and fields. Riding on such surfaces is your greatest test. Most of these roads are easy to navigate, especially if you don't have cargo. But a loaded car will not be able to move through a dirty area just as easily, it will often slip and get stuck.


Opening new maps and cars

The number of cards and cars is limited by the so-called entry points. Each completed map gives you one point, which serves as a currency for unlocking new maps and cars. In general, you can get five points for each completed scenario. Remember, points are given only for the delivery of wood. Detection of workspaces and towers do not count, they only make it easier to complete tasks. What's more, every map has a car that you can find there and use it to execute a scenario on the map. All you need to do is drive up to the car and start using it in the mission.


Where should I go?

Your task is to deliver wood from the warehouse to the sawmill. You can also open additional workspaces and zones in these locations. They can be seen from the vantage point. You simply have to navigate the terrain well and know all the locations on the map. I do not advise you to go to new places on a truck with wood, it is better to use an UAZ. It is much lighter and more maneuverable than a truck.


Machine control, loading and unloading

Driving a car in the game is quite simple. All cars have an automatic transmission, which allows you to control the car with the WASD keys on your keyboard. You can also use the handbrake (known as the parking brake). (The "Space" key, in advanced settings it is the V key). In addition, you can increase the maneuverability of your machine by using the 4×4 drive (“E”) or the differential lock (“Q”). Personally, I recommend using a 4x4 drive, it will help you control the car on slippery dirt roads.

Turns are a completely different story, as the developers of the game made the turns real, as if you were turning the steering wheel of a real car. You can see that your steering wheel is lagging with turns, and the wheels are somehow incorrectly turned. The wheels will soon be in place, but very often you will have to turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction to align them. You can also switch to a manual transmission (by clicking on the gear icon in the lower right corner of the screen, or by pressing the "R" key). There are 1+ extra parts in this mod that will add extra power to the wheels and maybe help you get out of the mud.


Choose a car according to the task

This may be overkill, but if you plan to load wood into the car, then choose the right mode of transport or attach a trailer. The machines themselves provide you with additional information about them, such as what type of wood is worth transporting there and how much wood can fit into a particular machine. You also need repair points to repair your car. Fuel can be transported in specially designed trailers or refueled at a gas station.


Bodies and trailers

In all cars, you can add additional parts and bodies. You just need to stop in front of the workstation. Remember, you need to choose the right parts to complete the tasks. For example, the saddle needs to be installed in trailers or large tankers, but the bodies can be installed on any machine.



Every car has a gas tank. Larger machines require more fuel, as does the use of 4h4 drive or differential locks. It is likely that you will run out of fuel before you can reach your destination. The gas tank is refueled at the workstation, but you need to pour fuel into canisters at gas stations. You have two ways to refuel the car: include gas stations or workstations in your route, or take another car and fill your truck with it.


We fix the car

If your car has broken down and can no longer be driven, go to a workstation. The hit points of your vehicle will become visible as soon as you stop. If you bought an additional wheel or some other add-on, then you can select it from the additional menu ("V" key). You can also use the repair points of another car, just drive up to the broken car and use the repair option. And finally, you can tow your car to a workstation, but this option is only available in normal game mode.



A very useful little thing that will save you more than once during the game. If you get stuck in the mud, or are about to fall into a ditch, tie the winch to a tree or other vehicle. First, activate the additional menu mod (by default, the V key). You will be able to see items that can be attached. Just click the left mouse button to attach to the selected item. Now press the "F" key to start pulling your car. And you can also drive a second car here and use it to pull the first one.


Map and navigation

Press the "F1" key to display the map and navigation points on your monitor screen. The normal game mode prompts you to use pre-made routes. To change a car, simply click on its name or location on the map (make sure there is no padlock icon nearby).


How to skip the night

Night driving is more difficult and demanding. The normal game mode prompts you to skip this time of day. Just click on the icon on the left side of the menu. If this button is greyed out, it means it's too early, please wait a bit. Warning: if you choose this option, you will lose some fuel. However, there is a simple trick to avoid this - choose a car that consumes little fuel (for example, UAZ), or one that is near a workstation or gas station. In both cases, you will lose much less fuel.


You can ask to have your car towed if necessary.

As I mentioned earlier, this feature is only available in normal game mode. If your vehicle is damaged, runs out of fuel, is locked up, or is driven off the road, you may be asked to have it towed to the nearest work station. Just click on the button to the left of the menu. You can also use this option if the workstation is located next to the warehouse, and you are far from it. I do not recommend using this option, because you will lose all the cargo. It's easier to come by another car and pull out the first one.

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