Mobile MudRunner on Android and iOS instead of a pirate

MudRunner Mods Mobile MudRunner on Android and iOS instead of a pirate

Become a driver of various vehicles that must conquer the steepest slopes and can overcome the thickest mud. A trucker on the road will be more extreme than a farmer in his fields in dry weather.


Off-road gameplay

It's time to play a real legend, now on your MudRunner Android smartphone. All the same delights of off-road are waiting for you here, you will ride on a bunch of open maps in each of which has its own landscape and much more. Of course, you need to travel not just like that, but to perform certain tasks, whether it is the delivery of goods or something else.

Think it's so easy, then feel all the complexity in your own skin, get behind the wheel of your truck and go ahead. The game itself, just like on the PC, is detailed and has many subtle aspects, for example, manual control or the ability to turn on all-wheel drive on some cars.


Dirty Game Features

Gorgeous new generation graphics on the mobile MudRunner, unique in its kind control with the ability to tow other cars, as well as change to different modes of transport. More than 15 different cars and 16 levels with a completely open world await you. You will cut trees, deliver them and go on various assignments.

You will also need to tow other cars and do a whole bunch of other things, and all this will allow you to feel the difficulty of driving a car in the mud, because there is a realistic physics.


From the very beginning, SpinTires, and then MudRunner, proved to be very popular and exciting. It was a unique game project about trucks, trucks with good physics and difficult terrain. And especially the mods for trucks and custom stuff, gave even more interest to the MudRunner game. And some years later, the developer decided to port it to the Android and iOS mobile platforms, and game consoles.

Undoubtedly, it is better to purchase a licensed MudRunner for Android and iOS instead of a pirate, this will protect against possible viruses. But most importantly, there will be more than just gratitude to the developer for such a game. You will surely like it!

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