Niva Samopal version 01.11.20 – Mod FS 19 (1.7.1)

FS 19 Mods Niva Samopal

Niva Samopal cargo tractor mod for the game FS 19. Also known under the name "Niva Mega Technique". Transports: hay, straw, grass, etc. The body capacity is 20,000 liters of cargo, it pours out like a dump truck.

Changes to the Niva Samopal v01.11.20 truck:
- Added a hydraulic cylinder under the body (with animation);
- Made the model get dirty;
- Doors can be opened with the mouse;
- Adjusted the driver’s hands;
-Added lights and pulleys;
- The price has been adjusted;
- I registered the names of the vehicle as in the video;
- Replaced the engine and directed the exhaust pipe in the other direction;
- Revived the steering hydraulic cylinder;
- The gearbox was moved into place;
- Animated the motor fan.

Download mod 1 | 24.52 MB Download mod 2 | 24.52 MB

Recommended MTZ 82.3 Belarus
Recommended GAZ 3307 and Module
Recommended Pronar 82 T TSA
Recommended Dniester 9357-02
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