MAZ 5551A2 and Trailer 8571 version 09.01.20 – Mod FS 19 (1.7.1)

FS 19 Mods MAZ 5551A2 and Trailer 8571

From the store, the MAZ 5551A2 truck is allowed to choose any color of the body (holds 10,000 liters) and cab, and also stick on the design. Each model has a price of 4,000 gaming rubles.

The MAZ 8571N trailer has a capacity of 12,000 liters of grain, it can be painted and washed from dirt. The X key locks the drawbar trolley.

Truck mod MAZ 5551A2 and Trailer 8571 are made for the farming game FS 19. Very suitable for transporting grain.

Download mod 1 | 42.5 MB Download mod 2 | 42.5 MB

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