KamAZ 55102 Reloader version 03.12.20 – Mod FS 19 (1.7.1)

FS 19 Mods KamAZ 55102 Reloader

Free mod of the KamAZ-55102 truck for the game FS 19. Everything is high quality and detailed! You can choose a body with a reloader to refuel the seeders.

Cost: 56,420 euros;
Choosing the main color;
Choice of design color;
Body selection;
Selecting a wheel brand;
Wheel selection;
Choice of cladding;
Choice of roof (low or high);
Choice of seats;
Choice of mirrors;
Steering wheel selection;
Choice of door trim;
Choice of reflective stripes;
Dynamic hoses;
Animated dashboard, pedals, gear lever, cardans, suspension;
Working lighting equipment;
Working mirrors;
Leaves traces;
Gets dirty and washable;
Body volume: 15,400 l.

Changes v03.12.20:
- Added a body for transporting bales and pallets;
- Added a separate body for transporting silage;
- All sorts of improvements and corrections.

Download mod 1 | 78.2 MB Download mod 2 | 78.2 MB

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