GAZ 53 Olive version 07.02.20 – Mod FS 19 (1.7.1)

FS 19 Mods GAZ 53 Olive

You can hear the real sound of the engine, Gazonovsky with a power of 115 horsepower. It has a fuel tank of 90 liters, the cost is 16,800 Soviet rubles.

From the store it is possible to install a body with a capacity of 5500, a second silo with a capacity of 8500 l;
A tow bar is attached to the chassis for towing trailers;
Working headlights with indicators;
Cleans off dirt.

The model's FS 19 log is free of errors!

Changes v07.02.20 received the GAZ 53 Olive truck mod:
- Repainted the truck body and the cab blue;
- I revived the instrument needles and made minor adjustments.

Download mod 1 | 32.5 MB Download mod 2 | 32.5 MB

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