Don 20 NPP version 04.08.20 – Mod FS 19 (1.7.1)

FS 19 Mods Don 20 NPP

The drive-reloader is trailer-mounted to a tractor and works without problems with the courseplay (even in trailer-reloader mode). Don 20 NPP trailer mod for Farming Simulator 2019.

Model features:
- Body capacity: 20,000 liters;
- Cost: 15,000 rubles;
- Particle animations;
- Gets dirty;
- The log is clear of error records.

Changes from the author Baibulak:
- Configured loading points;
- Added a hydraulic cylinder;
- Added hydraulic hoses;
- Set up the PTO;
- Adjusted the unloading speed;
- Minor edits in the description, i3d, xml;
- Changed the wheels (from DON-1500A);
- Reduced the relative scale of the 3D model;
- Added a trailer at the back (only carts, the second one cannot be hooked);
- Completely redid the collision, now it easily fits under the unloading pipe of the SK-5 Niva.

Download mod 1 | 13.97 MB Download mod 2 | 13.97 MB

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