Vladimirets T-25 version 24.02.20 – Mod FS 19 (1.7.1)

FS 19 Mods Vladimirets T-25

Light tractor Vladimirets for 9,800 rubles;
The pedals and gearshift lever function;
Devices and lights are operational;
There are traces and dust behind you;
IC control and linkage controlled;
60 liters of diesel fuel per 31 l/s engine.

From the store: loader mounts, additional lighting, mirrors, beacon.

Changes v24.02.20:
- Corrected the window on the right;
- Revived the hydraulic linkage and implemented IC;
- Allowed to choose three colors of the tractor;
- Removed the mounts for the console from the store;
- Worked on all sorts of little things.

A mod for the Vladimirets T-25 model was made for FS19 farms.

Download mod 1 | 62.3 MB Download mod 2 | 62.3 MB

Recommended Kirovets K 700A USSR
Recommended UMZ-6A Passable and KAMAZ
Recommended Zil 133GYa and GKB 8350
Recommended BOAR-45318 (Tonar-7502)
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