MTZ 820 and 1025 version 26.11.19 – Mod FS 19 (1.7.1)

FS 19 Mods MTZ 820 and 1025

Of the four tractors, there are two models, one priced at 45,000/48,500, and the second at 50,000/53,500 farm rubles. Almost all have the same configurations and characteristics and can act as a front loader.

Characteristics of models in the game:
- You can choose the hood and wheels;
- Select colors and paint;
- If it gets dirty, you can wash it;
- In movement, traces and dust are made;
- In the cockpit, the pedals are pressed and the instruments are shown;
- The light illuminates, and the wipers are able to clean the glass;
- Made tractors MTZ 820 and 1025 for the Belarusian farm FS 19.

Mod v2.0.6 changes to models:
- Changed the sound of the engines;
- I installed a suitable exhaust pipe on the Belorus 1025.

Download mod 1 | 150 MB Download mod 2 | 150 MB

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