ZT 303D Fortschritt version 05.01.19 – Mod FS 19 (1.7.1)

FS 19 Mods ZT 303D Fortschritt

Tractor Mod Fortschritt ZT 303D Red:
- Its engine sounds, fan spinning and cardan shafts;
- In the course of rubber deformation, dust and traces of the tread;
- Choice from magazine FS 19 loader mounts;
- Select the color of the tractor from three options;
- Lighting equipment is working.

Download mod 1 | 35.4 MB Download mod 2 | 35.4 MB

Recommended K-700A and T-150k
Recommended HLTZ 155
Recommended John Deere 8440
Recommended KAMAZ 53215 Z3 and NefAZ 8332 Z3
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