ZIL-164N and ODAZ 885 version 09.07.20 – Mod FS 19 (1.7.1)

FS 19 Mods ZIL-164N and ODAZ 885

Mod truck tractor ZIL-164N and semi-trailer ODAZ 885 for FS Simulator 2019. The suspension is working, the speedometer and lights are working.

Version Features:
- Only the wheels and the awning get dirty;
- Body capacity: 8000 liters;
- Installation of the awning and selection of the unloading side.

Changes v09.07.20:
- Added auto-selection;
- Removed all sound errors;
- Opening the hood with the X button;
- Changing the type of trailer in the store to a platform with belts;
- The ZIL-164N truck now has a triangle that lights up when coupling with ODAZ 885 trailers.
- The truck and trailer are placed in a separate category in the store for subsequent updates and replenishment of the pack;
- Other minor fixes.

Download mod 1 | 27.33 MB Download mod 2 | 27.33 MB

Recommended UMZ-6A Old
Recommended Vaz 2103 USSR
Recommended MTZ 80 Belarus
Recommended Case IH 1600 Axial Flow Pack
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