Towing Chain With Hook version 08.10.20 – Mod FS 19 (1.7.1)

FS 19 Mods Towing Chain With Hook

With this mod you can tow vehicles in the game FS 19, using a tow chain. You can also attach a towbar to vehicles that do not have an anchor and then attach a tow chain to it.

- Attach the red end to the vehicle, and then attach the other end to the towed vehicle.
- You can attach a tow chain to yourself when there is no vehicle within range (can be used for transportation).
- You can hold the towing chain in your hands and attach it manually - multiple chain attachments are supported.
- If necessary, you can turn on the throttle of the towed vehicle.
- You can set the control mode of the towed vehicle to automatic or manual.
- In the F1 help menu, you can see all the circuits available in your range with circuit information.
- You can switch between chains while walking.
- Can move the hanging hook in all directions, so it fits any vehicle
- The mod creates an xml configuration file in the game folder, where you can change some parameters.
- Chain ID is shown in the middle of each chain to help (can be disabled in xml config).
- All controls can be set in your settings file "Inputbindings".

The controls of the Towing Chain With Hook mod are:

  • KEY_x - attach / detach the towing chain to the vehicle (vehicle, on legs);
  • KEY_y - move to the next chain (on foot);
  • KEY_z - tow hook mount (on the leg);
  • KEY_b - turn on/off the throttle of the towed vehicle (vehicle);
  • KEY_y - switching between control modes of the towed vehicle (off, auto, manual) (car)
  • KEY_comma, KEY_period - turn the towed vehicle left / right (car);
  • KEY_lalt KEY_b - change the direction of movement of the towed vehicle (vehicle);
  • KEY_lalt KEY_KP_4 / 6 - move the hinged hook left / right
  • (on the leg) KEY_lalt KEY_KP_8 / 5 - move the hanging hook forward / backward (on the legs);
  • KEY_lalt KEY_KP_7 / 9 - move the hanging hook up / down (on the leg).

If you find it, let me know at [email protected]

Download mod 1 | 506 KB Download mod 2 | 506 KB

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