Christmas Market Ginger Bread version 07.12.20 – Mod FS 19 (1.7.1)

FS 19 Mods Christmas Market Ginger Bread

At the trading station sell: wheat, barley, oats, sugar beets, sugar cane, eggs, water (if sold on the map: honey, rye, cinnamon, flour, rye, flour, sugar).

Install the Christmas Market Ginger Bread stall mod for Farming 19.

- Click in the center of the counter to make the music play;
- You can take gingerbread from the front;
- Gingerbread kiosk as a point of sale: 1000 euros;
- Gingerbread kiosk as a decorative object: 200 euros;
- Gingerbread kiosk for passive income for 30,000 euros (income 60/40/20 per hour).

Download mod 1 | 4.13 MB Download mod 2 | 4.13 MB

Recommended HTZ
Recommended HLTZ 155
Recommended KAMAZ 65201 Dump
Recommended Hatzenbichler TH18 and TH1400
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