Bertas Imbiss version 22.12.20 – Mod FS 19 (1.7.1)

FS 19 Mods Bertas Imbiss

Mod Christmas object Bertas Imbiss for the game Farming Simulator 2019. This is a point of sale of French fries and sausages in the Imbiss Stall.

Features in the game FS19:
- At the trading station you can sell: potatoes, sunflowers and water (if implemented on the map: many more types of fruits suitable for a drink kiosk);
- Imbiss Stall for passive income: 3,000 euros;
- Imbiss Stall as a decorative object: 200 euros;
- Imbiss Stall as a trading station: 1,000 euros;
- Passive income: 60/40/20 per hour;
- Standing table: 50 euros.

Berta's Imbiss mod is made so that the curtain can be closed by going to the right side and clicking. The standing table can be moved after the object is installed.

Download mod 1 | 4.60 MB Download mod 2 | 4.60 MB

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