T-170 ChTZ version 07.11.19 – Mod FS 19 (1.7.1)

FS 19 Mods T-170 ChTZ

Excellent sound accompanied, and most importantly, he has a control technique as well! The light is working, the bulldozer equipment is manipulated by the mouse on the T-170 ChTZ tractor.

Bulldozer v07.11.19 changes for FS19:
- Fixed the tractor a little and worked out the sound;
- Installed an electronic tachometer and backlight;
- In the cockpit, the controls and the janitor were animated;
- Now the caterpillars get dirty in the course, they leave traces;
- Cleaned the mod from unused files and specializations.

Download mod 1 | 13.8 MB Download mod 2 | 13.8 MB

Recommended Nissan Patrol TB48, TD421, UTE RD28T
Recommended Fendt 900 TMS Vario
Recommended SZT 3.6A Seeder and hitch
Recommended VAZ 2108 Eight
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