SZ-5.4 and SPZ-10.8 version 19.03.20 – Mod FS 19 (1.7.1)

FS 19 Mods SZ-5.4 and SPZ-10.8

Mod of the trailed seeder SZ and hitch SPZ, to achieve greater sowing width. Made into the game FS 19 to sow large fields.

The cost of a trailed seeder is $15,000:
- Sowing speed 15 km/h with a coverage of 5.4 meters;
- Required tractor power 80 l/s.
- Capacity for seeds 1500 liters;
- Choice of color: frame, design, wheels;
- Dynamic hydraulic hoses;
- Dust and tracks behind the wheels;
- The model is cleaned from dirt.

Trailer hitch:
- Price 6000 dollars;
- Choice of color in the store;
- Dynamic hydraulic hose;
- Traces and dust behind the wheel
- The model gets dirty.

The SZ-5.4 and SPZ-10.8 units are made to sow large fields.

Download mod 1 | 23.2 MB Download mod 2 | 23.2 MB

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