Vehicle Info version 03.03.20 – Mod FS 19 (1.7.1)

FS 19 Mods Vehicle Info

Not a big mod to help the farmer, “Vehicle Info” shows the mileage traveled on each self-propelled device, as well as the temperature, fuel in the tank and similar technical characteristics. You are informed about all this by a small HUD menu located near the standard speedometer.

Each control can be registered in Inputbindings;
The information on the display can be reset;
You can select units of measurement;
The F1 key displays help.

The mod creates an xml file for FS 19, everything is individually saved into it and is located in the game folder. You can open and manually set your menu size options and screen space. You can also set it individually for each vehicle or globally (everything is saved and compatible in multiplayer)

The "Vehicle Info" controls are programmed:
- lalt/r: reset the current movement parameter (distance traveled and fuel consumption);
- lalt/f: change measurements in units;
- KP/plus: set the HUD scale;
- KP/minus: show/remove F1 help elements;
- lalt/KP-4/6: move HUD left/right;
- lalt/KP-8/5: move HUD up/down;
- lalt/v: mod functions for the current car (not displayed in the F1 menu);
- lctrl/lalt/v mod functions globally: for all vehicles (not displayed in the F1 menu).

Download mod 1 | 32 Kb Download mod 2 | 32 Kb

Recommended Dong Feng 153 and 4 Addons
Recommended MTZ 82 Blue
Recommended Yenisei 1200-1NM and Harvester
Recommended Renault Magnum Porteur
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