Reversing Indoor Camera ETS2 version 06.05.20 – Mod FS 19 (1.7.1)

FS 19 Mods Reversing Indoor Camera ETS2

With this mod you can look behind you and stick your head out the side window when you are reversing a truck with a trailer, for example (like in ETC 2). You can also lean forward/backward to move the driver's seat. The mod is global and is implemented in all vehicles that have an internal driver’s camera; it also retains its position when switching between vehicles and saving the game (functions together in multiplayer and is divided between participants). It fits perfectly in addition to a virtual reality helmet.

To hide or show the Reversing Indoor Camera help, press F1 on your keyboard. You can center the camera anytime, anywhere. All controls can be assigned to Inputbindings.

Mod controls in FS 19:
– KEY_space: lean towards the front/rear window;
– KEY_KP_minus: move the camera outside the car (rear view camera);
– KEY_KP_multiply: move the camera forward ( view);
– KEY_KP_divide: move the camera back ( view);
– KEY_KP_plus: move the camera inside the car (rear view camera);
– KEY_KP_enter: turn on/off the right reversing camera;
– KEY_pagedown: move the driver's seat back;
– KEY_end: quickly rotate the camera forward/backward;
– KEY_KP_0: show/hide F1 help items;
– KEY_pageup: move the driver’s seat forward;
– MOUSE_BUTTON_MIDDLE: central inner chamber;
– KEY_KP_period: reset rear view camera/seat/front/rear position;
– KEY_lctrl KEY_r: enable/disable camera functions for the current vehicle (not displayed in the F1 menu);
– KEY_lctrl KEY_lalt KEY_r: enable/disable the camera function as global for all cars (not displayed in the F1 menu);
– NUM_0: the set camera position will be saved for the current car in your saved game;
– Helptext: will show when the rear view camera is active, you can turn it on/off using.

Changes and improvements v06.05.20:
– With an external camera, FPS does not drop;
– A LUA error occurred in the client-host MP game when the player boarded a vehicle;
– Made an option for auto-return of the position in the rear and front tilt mode (autoBack in xml).

Download mod 1 | 25,9 Kb Download mod 2 | 25,9 Kb

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