Real Wood Harvester version 13.01.21 – Mod FS 19 (1.7.1)

FS 19 Mods Real Wood Harvester

Real Wood Harvester logging machine script for the game Farmer Simulator 2019. Expands great possibilities!

- New key to reduce cutting length;
- The current length of the tree to be cut is displayed in the F1 menu;
- Two new keys for manual processing (trimming) of wood forward / backward;
- No auto trimming in auto limber mode (you need to press trim button again).

You can open the Real Wood settings menu with some options:
- Delimbing accuracy (number of branches removed [70–100%]);
- Minimum/maximum cut length and cut length step for the current vehicle;
- Creating wood chips (when pruning or trimming branches, a small amount of wood chips falls to the ground [Off, 1–5]).

Show/hide mod action in F1 menu:
- All controls can be set in the controls settings.

The default controls for the Real Wood Harvester mod are:
- KEY_lshift KEY_r;
- Reduce the length of the cut;
- Trim the tree back KEY_u;
- Open the settings menu KEY_semicolon (; - next to 'L');
- Trim the tree forward KEY_slash (/ - under the semicolon).

If you find any errors or problems, please email me at [email protected].

Download mod 1 | 35 KB Download mod 2 | 35 KB

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