Real Shovel version 27.04.20 – Mod FS 19 (1.7.1)

FS 19 Mods Real Shovel

With this Real Shovel mod you can load materials when your shovel is full. The material is then spread throughout the space as if you were using a leveler.

The modification in Farm FS 19 is global and the feature is added to all vehicles/shovel tools. You can open the settings menu in the game, where you can change all the pumping parameters. An xml configuration file is automatically created in the game folder for each vehicle, where you can also change these same parameters. There is a button to activate/deactivate the mod functions for the current car (these settings are saved in the xml configuration file and loaded for each car in all subsequent starts of the game. Pressing the F1 key opens help (saved as global in the xml configuration file), the position of the settings menu can be changed in xml configuration file All controls can be set in your Inputbindings!

Script control:
KEY_lalt KEY_KP_enter – open the settings menu;
KEY_lalt KEY_KP_multiply / KEY_KP_divide – menu down/up;
KEY_lctrl KEY_r – show/hide F1 help controls;
KEY_lalt KEY_KP_plus / KEY_KP_minus – change the selected value in the menu;
KEY_lalt KEY_KP_enter – enable/disable mod functions for the current car (not displayed in the F1 menu).

Changes v27.04.20:
– Fixed a bug for shovel mods that have custom capacity;
– Fixed incompatibility with the Seasons mod (saving the game with RealShovel did not occur after deleting);
– The settings menu now appears for a bucket attached via a front loader attached to a tractor.

If you find any bugs or problems with the Real Shovel mod, please let me know in a comment or at [email protected] and I will fix it in the next version.

Download mod 1 | 89 KB Download mod 2 | 89 KB

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