GlobalCompany version 01.08.20 – Mod FS 19 (1.7.1)

FS 19 Mods GlobalCompany

GlobalCompany mod script for FS 19. It provides a lot of extensive functions, and in some cases is required for mods for static objects (those that are sold in the Farm 19 store).

Before using the mod, we recommend using the Left Ctrl + G keys to open and see more information. Global company regarding Farming Simulator 19 is a great expanding script. For some other static production facilities: factories, warehouses, factories, sawmills, and the like.

There are a lot of improvements and changes v01.08.20 in the mod script:
- In the script menu there is an overview of the dynamic storage and improved for factories, addons can be sorted in the tab;
- In general, I supplemented it with Gui elements (even for a wide format), adapted it for playing with Courseplayer;
- At the factories, the 'ref Point' attribute was registered, in such cases the income may go into minus;
- Fixed server error "register ObjectIn Stream is only allowed in write Stream calls";
- Shopmanager and Density Height Map Manager have been adapted to the current version of FS 19;
- Reading in Russian and French is available;
- Corrected Horsehelper regarding the Seasons fashion, and AutoDrive;
- More options for Production Factories, Dynamic Storage and registration (Filltypes and Treetypes);
- NEW: added French and Russian languages;
- FIX: Shopmanager adapted to the current patch;
- FIX: DensityHeightMapManager adapted to the current patch;
- FIX: Added support for VertexDesign palettes for object information;
- NEW: registration of fill types and tree types in mods;
- FIX: Horsehelper adapted to Seasonsmod;
- FIX: GUI adapted for very wide monitors;
- NEW: more options for ProductionFactorys;
- FIX: Adaptation to AutoDrive;
- NEW: DynamicStorage;
- FIX: DynamicStorage: fixed effects on dedisserver;
- FIX: DynamicStorage: change t key to lctrl + t;
- FIX: "Error: server: registerObjectInStream is only allowed in writeStream calls" Error on MP;
- FIX: language texts;
- FIX: Objektinfo: change the position, now we see the hand;
- FIX: Factory: Incomeprice can now be negative;
- FIX: VisibilityNodes: collisions are now checked on the server;
- FIX: Adaptation to Course Game;
- NEW: DynamicStorage: adding on-site unloading triggers;
- NEW: Adding a dynamic game map to the gc menu;
- NEW: Factory: added animal hatching;
- NEW: Factory: added support for seasons;
- NEW: adding languages: pt, it, pl;
- NEW: GC-Menu: DynamicStorage overview;
- NEW: GC-Menu: better overview of Factorys;
- NEW: GC-Menu: addons can now create tabs;
- NEW: Factory: added refPoint attribute;
- NEW: new Gui-elements have been added;
- FIX: PlaceableDisplay;
- NEW: Synchronization system for MP;
- NEW: GC-Class / GC-Staticclass;
- New design;
- NEW: GlobalMarket;
- NEW: AnimalTrough;
- FIX: Synchronization error message.
- NEW: ManureHoseSystem support for factory;
- NEW: Program flow for factory;
- NEW: GloblaMarket: added the ability to create your own private servers;
- NEW: FarmerStart;
- NEW: some improvements;
- FIX: baler;
- FIX: some bugs;
- NEW: Car production plant;
- NEW: DynamicStorage functions;
- NEW: Adaptation for Stappenbach19;
- NEW: animal feeder;
- NEW: Animal feeder supports food mixtures.

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Recommended Map "Rest"
Recommended 2012 Dodge Ram 3500
Recommended Semitrailer CHMZAP
Recommended John Deere 748H Skidder
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