Dirty Tire Tracks version 11.11.20 – Mod FS 19 (1.7.1)

FS 19 Mods Dirty Tire Tracks

This Dirty Tire Tracks mod adds more tire tracks on soft ground (grass, sand, gravel, etc.). The mod was originally created for heavy tracked vehicles, but instead the feature was added for all wheeled vehicles.

- You can activate/deactivate the mod feature for current vehicle types (it will be saved in the config file for all saves)
- You can activate/deactivate the mod function as global for all vehicles
- Only administrator can do this in multiplayer
- All controls can be set in your input bindings

Default controls:
KEY_lalt KEY_t - enable/disable the mod function for the current car;
KEY_lctrl KEY_t - enable/disable the mod function globally;
KEY_lshift KEY_t - open the settings menu.

Changelog 11/11/20 for the Dirty Tire Tracks mod:
- Grass now grows back after tire tracks disappear;
- Added a settings menu where you can change some parameters: time (hours) after which the tracks disappear;
- Does soil moisture affect the size of paths;
- Minimum soil moisture when dirty tire tracks form;
- Size (width) of tracks;
- Will tracks be created in the fields;
- Whether the tracks will be saved to an external file.

By default, all parameters are global for all cars. However, you can set specific parameters for some vehicles if you wish.

- You can remove all tire tracks of the current/all vehicles in the menu;
- When selling the car, its traces will be removed.

Important: Always save your game before exiting the FS 19 theme. Otherwise, tracks that disappear between saving and exiting will never disappear after reloading the save.

When deleting a save from slot one (for example). And if you want to start a new game on this slot, it is recommended to delete the folder with tracks for this slot. (your folder is in FS19/modsSettings/DirtyTireTracks/Tracks/1).

Driving multiple vehicles at the same time with track saving enabled may result in FPS drops on slower processors.

Download mod 1 | 46.76 KB Download mod 2 | 46.76 KB

Recommended T-150k
Recommended John Deere W500 Series
Recommended Moskvich 2140 Stalker
Recommended Ural 10x10 Cheat Mobile
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