Barrels and Canister version 10.07.19 – Mod FS 19 (1.7.1)

FS 19 Mods Barrels and Canister

Diesel Mod - canister and barrel objects are sold as pallets on the farm FS19, diesel fuel tank. The canisters are dragged by hand, and the barrels are heavier and you have to resort to a loader.

Canister capacity 20 l. diesel fuel for 28 rubles;
Large barrel capacity 500 liters. diesel fuel for 600 rubles;
Barrel capacity less than 250 l. diesel fuel for 325 rubles.

Barrels and Canister v10.07.19 changes:
- Adapted in detail to this version of the game;
- Adjusted textures and optimized;
- From the store choose the option of oily or fresh look.

Download mod 1 | 813 KB Download mod 2 | 813 KB

Recommended Freightliner FLC 120
Recommended K-700 Kirovets 8x8 (1S6A6)
Recommended Gas Station (AZS)
Recommended Pronar 82 T TSA
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