Tips for making money on the farm FS 19, and the nuances of selling

FS 19 Mods Tips for making money on the farm FS 19, and the nuances of selling

Before selling products in the game FS 19 (harvested), you need to consider prices and demand. This will allow you to calculate the best profit.
In addition to making money on your products, you can also go to hire other farmers. They will also allow you to get a good profit for the execution of contracts. This will be anything with an unsuccessful harvest or product prices.

Sale of products

To sell goods, you need to load them into a car - a dump truck or trailer - and go to one of the sales points on the map. Open the price window to find out where and for how much they want to buy your goods.
Ideally, they should be sold as high as possible.


Prices for all goods change depending on supply and demand. You can influence prices by deciding what to sell and how much.
For example, if you constantly sell only wheat, the demand for it will begin to fall, and prices will follow it. But the prices of those goods, which are less on the market, can skyrocket.

High demand

Collection points compete with each other and always keep track of what products people may suddenly need. Notice their intentions will allow a sudden surge in demand.

When there is a surge in demand, the receiving point offers a higher price than usual.
In this case, you will receive an alert. In addition, you can always see the current demand in the price menu.


On the finance screen, you can keep track of the income and expenses of this day and the previous four. It also displays your debt to banks.
If you need money urgently, you can borrow $5,000 from the bank. But at the end of each day you have to pay interest on the loan.

Task system in Farming Simulator 19

The fields on the map are owned by other computer-controlled farmers.
They cultivate their fields themselves, but often need help. To work for them, go to the contracts menu. Farmers can lend you their tools, but you can also use your own.
During FS 19 multiplayer, you can work together to fulfill the received contract.

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