Sugar cane can be grown in the farm FS 19

FS 19 Mods Sugar cane can be grown in the farm FS 19

When playing Farm FS 19, you will have to grow sugar cane over time, which will be profitable to send to the sugar factory. And there will already be sugar production, but this is already in another Farming Simulator series for installing it as a mod for sugar production.

You need to take into account the fact that you will need a special sugar cane harvester, a conventional tractor and a trailer for transporting cane. You also need to consider a special reed stalk planter.

Basic information about reed culture

Sugarcane is different from other agricultural crops. It matures longer, but does not fade. Planting and harvesting sugar cane requires special equipment.

Seeding sugar cane

To plant sugar cane, you will have to acquire equipment like the Gessner Single Row Billet Planter. As in the case of potatoes, the machine can be loaded with cane from the last crop. Place the stems directly into the planter, use a telehandler or use a wheel loader with a bucket. If you don't have sugarcane stalks, no problem! Buy a pallet of seedlings from the store and load them into the planter.


Sugar cane grows relatively slowly but does not wilt. After the harvest, sugar cane grows back after some time.

Harvesting on a trailer

To harvest sugar cane, you will need a special harvester. He will cut off the top leaves and cut the cane into small pieces. Like forage harvesters, the cane harvester is not equipped with a container and requires the use of a dump trailer. That is: in addition, you also need a tractor with a dump trailer.

Transportation and storage

When harvesting sugar cane, use special dump trailers that allow you to reload the stalks directly onto a truck and thereby speed up the transportation process. Sugar cane cannot be stored in a bunker, but can be stored anywhere on the ground. The sale price will depend on the station, but the sugar factory will offer you the maximum.

Soil preparation for reuse

Since the reeds regrow, there is little to no need for tillage. If you are playing FS 19 with the "Regular Plowing" setting, then in order to get a full crop, you need to loosen the ground after every third harvest. It's best to use a chisel cultivator like the Kuhn DC 401, but a regular plow will do. By loosening the soil, you can plant new sugarcane sprouts.

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