Grass, straw and chaff are animal feed in the farming game FS 19

FS 19 Mods Grass, straw and chaff are animal feed in the farming game FS 19

Here we will tell you about grass and chopped straw, as well as what to do with it in the game FS 19.
This means that the grass, while it is still green, is sent for animal feed or for silage harvesting (as well as green corn). But if the cut grass is not removed, but left as it is and at the same time periodically thrown over with a tedder, then it will dry out and become hay.

Chopping and straw in Farming Simulator 19 is used in the same way as hay. All this can be added to the mono-mixture for animals as food, or it can be given as food. Also, silage is made from hay, straw and chaff, in a silo pit for fermentation.

Grass and Hay

Grass is harvested with a hay mower, which is usually hitched to a tractor.
Use a tedder to make sure the grass dries properly and turns into hay. Hay looks lighter and less bright than cut grass.

Mowing Grass

To make collecting grass, hay and straw easier, use a windrower.
The harvested grass can be loaded onto a trailer or compressed with a baler.

Herb Application

Grass can be:
- use as animal feed;
- unload at the point of sale;
- turn into silage (by laying the cut grass in a silage collar or rolling it into bales).
Hay can:
- use as animal feed;
- unload at the point of sale;
- to process in monomixture.


When harvesting wheat, barley and oats, the combine can be set to bale straw.
Sheaves of straw can then be packed with a baler. They can also be loaded onto a trailer. Straw can be simply sold, used as bedding for cows or a component for a mono-mix, and also cut from it.


The chaff is obtained when harvesting with a forage harvester.
Corn, wheat, barley and rapeseed are suitable for cutting.
Make sure that you:
- use a suitable harvester;
- attached a dump trailer (forage harvesters do not have built-in containers).
The cut is used to make silage.


To turn chaff or grass into silage, you must do the following:
1) Load raw materials into a silo bunker (own or biogas plant).
2) Compact the pile by driving over it. The bunker must be at least 10% full.
3) To start fermentation, close the lid of the hopper.
4) When fermentation is complete, open the silo again.
The pile can then be covered to start the fermentation process. The resulting silage can be harvested using a front loader equipped with special forks and loaded onto an agitator trailer or directly into a livestock feeder.
Also, silage can be made directly from hay, using a baler-packer.

Field Acquisitions

You can only cultivate your own land. You can not cut wood or create fields in someone else's territory.
To buy a new lot, open the map view and select the land screen.

In Farming Simulator 19, it is possible to purchase additional plots of land, but this requires money. And you need to earn money by farming. And in general, it makes no sense to have a lot of land with a small amount of machine and tractor fleet.

Machine and tractor park in agriculture, a set of machines necessary for the mechanization of work on the cultivation of crops.

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