Fundamentals of Agriculture FS 19

FS 19 Mods Fundamentals of Agriculture FS 19

In Farming Simulator 19, the basics of agriculture are the essence of the game itself, which will eventually allow you to expand your farm. This also applies to animal husbandry, which is profitable to start after harvesting the grown crop.


Cereal crops

There are 13 types of crops in FS 19: wheat, barley, rapeseed, sunflower, soybean, corn, oats, seed radish, potato, sugar beet, poplar, sugar cane and cotton.
To grow them, you need to perform 3 main steps: cultivation, sowing and harvesting.


Plowing the Earth

Before sowing the field, use a cultivator or plow.
To start cultivation, lower the cultivator into the ground. And forward to work the soil after the previous crop of FS19.



You can sow the field with a seeder or planter.
To get started you need:
-- fill the sowing machine with the seed tray;
- select the desired culture;
-- start the car;
- lower it to the ground.
Seed trays can be bought at the store.
Some planters allow you to cultivate the soil and sow at the same time. Check the descriptions in the FS19 store for this technique.



When the crop is ripe, use a combine harvester with a suitable header.
To collect you will need:
-- Deploy the harvester (if necessary, with a header);
-- launch it.
Unload the crop onto the trailer. Collected can be sold in the appropriate places or saved for the future.



The cultivation of potatoes and sugar beets requires specialized seeders and combines.
The easiest and fastest way to harvest potatoes and sugar beets is with a self-propelled harvester. But such a machine is very expensive and can undermine your Farming Simulator 19 budget in the early stages.


Root Processing

It will be cheaper to use a tractor with a number of additional devices. This is usually done in two steps: when the plants are ripe, their tops are cut off with a defoliator like the Grimme KS 75-4.
The roots are then removed from the ground using a harvester such as the Grimme SE 260.


Sowing Radish

Sowing is rare - a special culture, which in the end is not harvested, but dug up.
When it grows up, you can use a cultivator or a disc harrow.
You will receive the so-called green manure fertilizer, which will increase the yield by 30%.



To sow cotton, you need a planter. To fill it, use the pallet with seeds.
To pick cotton, you will need a special self-propelled harvester.
When the container of the machine is full, you can unload a large bale of cotton from it. To deliver the collected to the point of sale, you need a special trailer.


Yield Enhancement

There are many ways to improve the yield of fields in Farming Simulator 19.
To increase your yield by 65 percent:
-- Scatter fertilizer twice (+25% at a time);
-- Scatter lime every three harvests (+15%).
To avoid the 35 percent yield penalty:
-- remove weeds (-20% yield due to them);
-- Plow the land after growing corn, potatoes, sugar beet and sugar cane (otherwise you will face a 15% penalty).

Today the primitive conditions of the basics of agriculture have been explained to you. That is: how to get maximum yield in FS 19 without mods. Have a good harvest!

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