Forestry FS 19 consists of tree planting, chipping and stump removal

FS 19 Mods Forestry FS 19 consists of tree planting, chipping and stump removal

Forestry in farming is no less important than the cultivation of crops and animals. There are three to four stages of forestry work in the farming game FS 19 besides transportation. This is planting trees, and then harvesting logs from them using the saw cut method. And also for a special tree like poplar, it is planted to produce wood chips.

Tree planting

Trees do not appear on their own, they must be planted using special equipment.

Buy a pallet of pine or poplar seedlings from the store and load them into the Damcon PL 75 tree planter. Pine trees can be planted almost anywhere, but they do not grow quickly. Plant poplars in the field and harvest them when they grow up with a forage harvester and a special header.

Harvesting Logs

Mature trees can be cut down and cut into pieces using a chainsaw or a harvester.
If you felled a tree with a chainsaw, you will have to manually remove its branches. The forest harvester does this immediately (optional).
The resulting logs can be sold to the sawmill.

The price of wood depends not only on the size, but also on the straightness of the trunk. Small curved logs will cost noticeably less than long and straight ones.

Chips Produce

You can also process logs with a wood chipper to produce wood chips and take them to the sawmill.

Poplars can be harvested with a forage harvester and a special header, complete with a trailer, to get a large amount of wood chips.


After cutting down a tree, stumps always remain, they need to be destroyed. With the stumps remaining from the trees, a rooter will help you.

Speaking of important things: Poplar is a very important tree in life on earth, although it does not bear formal fruit. Poplar is in first place in cleaning the air from chemicals, and the most effective. We need to plant more trees like this! And not to mention global warming, due to the release of chemicals from human activities into the earth's atmosphere.

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