Sosnovka map version 03.12.20 – Mod FS 19 (1.7.1)

FS 19 Mods Sosnovka map

The farm near Sosnovka arose from a former cooperative. Even today, the village places great emphasis on self-sufficiency through livestock raising and cultivation of fields. In addition, the extensive nearby forests are suitable for fertile forestry.

Features of the Sosnovka release for FS19:
- Original field layout;
- Original buildings and road network;
- Original places of sale;
- Original transport missions;
- Original wild-type grass used for out-of-field areas (harvest: YES | Plant/seed: NO);
- New type of crop Rye;
- New silo expansion;
- New icons for grass and hay;
- New farmhouse with sleep trigger;
- New purchase point located in the "Village Grain Elevator";
- Increased the size of the chicken handle;
- Added animation of the cow pen door;
- Pig pen buildings have been adjusted to match the buildings on the map;
- Fuel trailer for refueling diesel fuel storage;
- Objects/cars under the Sosnovka store brand are placed on the map;
- Support for Animal Pen extension;
- Seasonal support, including distance textures and selected foliage.

- To maintain the nostalgic feel and look of this FS15 map, farm buildings and animal pens remain in all game modes. These buildings are purchased with farmland and cannot be removed.

Changes on map v03.12.20:
- Digestate can now be removed from BGA;
- Slurry can now be removed from the cow pen;
- Added additional lighting for placed objects and buildings on the map;
- Added support for the “Manure System” mod in pens for pigs and cows;
- Added visual channel of digestat overload on BGA;
- Small details and texture adjustments.

Mod map Sosnovka for the game Farming Simulator 19. Welcome to Sosnovka!

Download mod 1 | 411 MB Download mod 2 | 411 MB

Recommended MAZ 537 Uragan
Recommended KAMAZ 6522-53
Recommended Volvo L220H and Bucket
Recommended Tractor T-150k
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