Osina Map version 10.12.19 – Mod FS 19 (1.7.1)

FS 19 Mods Osina Map

Maud offers us the Polish area, which is approximately located in Osina Wielka. There is a farm for breeding pigs and cows, there is also a biogas installation and an area for your own additional farm in 2019. Already at the start, land was purchased, four meadows and fifty-six fields were given. On the map I made all sorts of real life missions, missions in the field and a sawmill, placed a forest and eight places for selling raw materials.

Instead of the default Osina map textures, I installed my new and improved ones. Made for the game FS 19.

Changes in the terrain of the map Osina v10.12.19:
- Improved the range of vision of several objects;
- Improved the collision of the machine shop;
- Some texture patches;
- Reduced the density of oats (this is optimization);
- Now there is snow on the roofs of every building;
- Added another picture of bushes in autumn;
- A new point to sleep has been set.

Download mod 1 | 397 MB Download mod 2 | 397 MB

Recommended T-150K
Recommended CASE 2670
Recommended Subaru Impreza 2014
Recommended Volvo A40G and Volvo L350H Loader
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