Fenton Forest map version 23.02.19 – Mod FS 19 (1.7.1)

FS 19 Mods Fenton Forest map

In the Fenton Forest map, all animals are set at the main farm 19. The bunker stores many items, including milk, as well as farm supplies by the river, which can be bought at fair prices. Manure, digestate and liquid manure storage has been added to the farm. It can also be purchased from tanks near the house including herbicide. The sale of manure is carried out on the maps of the central relevant area. Wool can be sold in the sheep farm area and the factory in the city. There is a huge natural forest area on the map, but it will cost you quite a penny. The BGA is sunken in a large capacity sunken tip and is included in the truss kit. The map shows a selection of square and shaped fields, accommodation sites, several retail outlets, a train, silo storage, wooden cranes for loading and unloading logs to a train, a sawmill, and a heating plant. The Animal Trader is next to the mill and you can also sell pet food there, including water, food, and bedding. A dairy is right in front of the BGA for milk sales, the farm has a bale and swath sale, and there is a car repair and trim shop next to the house. The map mod starts with animals and a good selection of great gear, much better than the base one. You also have supplies in the bunker to get you started. Outbuildings bring in solar profits, it's not much, but helps keep running costs down. Don't be fooled into thinking you've got a lot of money even if you're selling off starting equipment, as the card will eat up what you have.

Download mod 1 | 1.1 GB Download mod 2 | 1.1 GB

Recommended Gas 51
Recommended HTZ T150k
Recommended MAZ 953000-017 Semitrailer
Recommended Valtra G Series
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