Euro Łany V4.2 map version 02.02.23 – Mod FS 19 (1.7.1)

FS 19 Mods Euro Łany V4.2 map

Terrain map Euro Łany V4.2 made for game farm FS 19 Mods. Included are proper mods for the operation of the maps.

The map includes:
- Two starting fields;
- 88 fields and 3 meadows;
- New purchases on the map;
- gas stations and buy animals;
- Villages and other buildings;
- Land for construction;
- Added traffic and shop with cars;
- Two new textures and a seasonal mod added;

The card does not include:
- Precision farming, and corn.

What was added in v4.0:
- Ornamental garden.
- Removed one farm on V3.
- New game economy.
- A new part of the map and new reskins of models on the map.

What's added in v4.1:
- Added a new playable farm.
- Removed small static buildings.
- Fixed fruitTypes file (Cotton appeared).

What's added in v4.2 (02.02.23):
- Added precision farming.

Download mod 1 | 542 MB Download mod 2 | 542 MB

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