Babrosty map version 24.09.24 – Mod FS 19 (1.7.1)

FS 19 Mods Babrosty map

Two farms on the terrain of the Babrosty map, a small one with chickens and pigs near a small cowshed.

Make purchases of cattle and lime;
Point of sale of two options;
Pedestrian and vehicle traffic;
Manifestations of wind animation;
New type of bales and cubes;
Take manure in the barn;
There is a water outlet and BGA;
Forty-two fields for cultivation;
Five forest areas and sixty lands.

Sale of raw materials: milk, bales, wood, shavings, cotton.
Textures that have been replaced instead of the default ones: earth, crop, rolls, tree, growth stages,

Changes to this version of the Babrosty map in the game FS19:
- Made new textures for the area;
- Complemented the mask of the seasons and the color of the grass;
- Optimized placed objects;
- Another now the price for the purchase of land;
- Weeds work out correctly;
- Updated the gate opening sound.

Download mod 1 | 375 MB Download mod 2 | 375 MB

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