T-150K Cheb KhTZ version 10.03.22 – Mod Farming Simulator 20 Android (

Farming Simulator 20 Android Mods T-150K Cheb KhTZ

Soviet-made model of the T-150K tractor, at the KhTZ plant of its time. Now this model was made to play a mobile farm, like a tractor mod for Farming Simulator 20 Android.

Available with the T-150K Cheb KhTZ mod, modifications selected in the store, when purchased for 20,000 rubles.

List of modifications:
- Choice of design color (cabin, fenders, filter, rim, hood, torpedoes);
- Choice of parts: tail number, license plate, wheels with rims, engine, headlights and additional lighting, a new look for the old one.

Characteristics of the model in the game:
- Animation of pedals and instrument arrows;
-Working light, stop and turn signals;
- Leaves traces and dust;
- The tractor gets dirty during operation;
- Engine power: 120 HP (88 kW);
- Tractor travel speed: 35 km/h;
- Fuel tank volume: 315 l.

Although I didn’t make any skinshots, I almost certainly checked all the modifications to the T-150K Cheb KhTZ tractor, those that are in fashion.

Download mod 1 | 33.96 MB Download mod 2 | 33.96 MB

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