T-150k-09 version 27.10.22 – Mod Farming Simulator 20 Android (0.0.63-75)

Farming Simulator 20 Android Mods T-150k-09

Model of the Soviet tractor, wheeled tractor T-150K-09 for the mobile game Farming Simulator 20 Android.

Tractor mod feature:
- Power: 175-300 hp;
- Max speed: 32-40 km/h;
- Cost: 60000;

Shop mods:
- Wheel configurations;
- Engine configurations;
- Exhaust and headlight design configurations;
- Attachment configurations.

The mod is a remake. The changes are small: a sticker has been added and the sounds have been slightly altered. The rest is the same normal version. In the future, it will probably be replaced by a new version.

Download mod 1 | 27.53 MB Download mod 2 | 27.53 MB

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