HTZ-240K/150K version 02.11.22 – Mod Farming Simulator 20 Android (0.0.63-75)

Farming Simulator 20 Android Mods HTZ-240K/150K

A new Russian mod of the XTZ-240K/150K tractor model for the Farm Simulator 20 game on Android. Has a choice of configuration in the game store. Everything on the KhTZ-240K / 150K tractor functions, you can use it in your household.

Mod features:
- Engine power to choose from: 150-250 hp;
- The cost of the tractor: 60,000 rubles;
- Travel speed maximum: 45 km / h;
- Dashboard configurations;
- Cargo and wheel configurations;
- Modification of a hitch;
- Mod tractor Mod XTZ-240K/150K for FS 20 Android.

The mod of the XTZ-240K / 150K model is my alteration for the FS 20 Android game. I had to go through a rework to change the sounds, also to lighten the model in order to optimize the game. In addition, I also fixed the wheels and slightly modified the physics of the suspension behavior. This is all that I have converted into the KhTZ-240K and 150K mods.

Download mod 1 | 29.63 MB Download mod 2 | 29.63 MB

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