FS17 Support version 11.02.22 – Mod Farming Simulator 20 Android (0.0.63-75)

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I want to solve the problem with the mod for agricultural machinery, it has some of the details in white (that is, without textures), and such when they turned out to be transparent.

So this shader will allow me to work with mods (more precisely, play a farm) that need the FS17 Support shader (as it is written in the description for some mods for a mobile farming simulator for Android). Without it, there are 2 outcomes at the time of the game:

1. Equipment is gray (the problem is solved by this addition);
2. Transparent technique (the problem is solved by this addition).

To install FS 20 Android into the game, you need an APK Editor. The installation is the same as for the mod: unpack the folder, copy the name, and add this folder along the path: $assets/data/fs17support.

Such a thing is needed for those who have the mod turned out to be without a texture, as well as for those who have a transparent vehicle model. Made by FS17 Support for Farming Simulator 20 android game.

Download mod 1 | 45.82 KB Download mod 2 | 45.82 KB

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