The famous Colin Mcrae Rally is on a mobile device, this is an Android and iOS platform

Driving simulators representing competitions in the rally class are a success both among fans of this sport and among connoisseurs of spectacular races. The Colin McRae Rally series, which appeared in a new guise on Android, made it possible to feel the graphic potential of a modern gaming system.

At the same time, visual beauty was side by side with the physical model of the “central axis” (Central Pivot System) implemented on PSone. This technology is used in all known projects such as Gran Turismo, Gotham Racing and WRC: Extreme. Time does not stand still and new technologies replace old ones. Codemasters has implemented a physics model in its new game Colin McRae Rally, in which there is no central axis, and a more realistic behavior of the car on the road is provided by calculating speed indicators, technical characteristics, car weight and analyzing the position of the body from several points.

Now the car consists of parts assembled together, like a real car. Body damage modeling reflects the state of the body and individual components. During accidents, you can lose not only doors and headlights, but also be left without a wheel, lose a wing, bumper or spoiler. The loss of a particular part will affect the handling of the machine. For example, having lost a wheel, an unfortunate four-wheel drive vehicle will begin to sway and touch the bottom of the road surface, which can cause new breakdowns. Failure of the engine or steering will result in a forced departure from the track and the loss of credit points.

CMR differs from the previous parts of the series with an updated graphic design. Textures have become sharper and beautiful landscapes have been added to brilliantly reproduced car models, bringing a special aura of realism to the game. The trees "grow" leaves, consisting of various color shades and no longer resembling a homogeneous green mass. The updated lighting system is perfectly felt in every sunbeam that lives its own life on the car body. Simulated weather conditions help capture the “competitive spirit” that comes with Japan's heavy rain, Sweden's snow and Spain's hot sun. As you speed through the highways, you'll notice dirt or rainwater collecting on the body of your car, flowing into the road in a torrent during a skid turn.

The impeccable appearance of the cars was the reason for adding an information menu to the options. In it, you can view a 3D model of the car you like, its engine, brakes and other components and assemblies. From now on, cars are divided into classes: 2WD (with front-wheel drive), 4WD (all-wheel drive), B Class (powerful supercars), etc.

In total, the game features 23 rally supercars. Among them are the famous: Peugeot 206, Mitsubishi Lancer VII, Subaru Impreza Rally Car, Citroen Xsara WRC, Colin's new car, as well as classic models, which include the Lancia Delta S4 and Ford Escort, which came from the good old eighties. The class of your car determines the number of stages and levels that will become available during the passage. Having chosen a car, you can safely start a career by going to the Championship option. Completing it will unlock new levels and new vehicle classes. The Rally option allows you to create your own championships from the stages and tracks selected by the player. There is a possibility of multiplayer.

Gameplay Features

The game will completely immerse you in the atmosphere of rally racing. Several legendary fireballs are at your service. You will be able to drive on a wide variety of tracks. Some of them are very dangerous and incredibly difficult to master. Fortunately, you will be assisted by a navigator who will provide you with invaluable assistance in particularly difficult moments.

You will find many exciting and unforgettable races. In between competitions, you can repair and upgrade your car.

Graphics and controls

Of course, the graphics component of the game does not reach modern standards at all. It looks hopelessly outdated. This is not surprising, because this is a port from the desktop version of the game, which was released quite a long time ago.

However, the gameplay is very interesting even without the amazing graphics. Despite all the shortcomings, high-quality copies of cars are fully consistent with their real prototypes.

If we talk about the control system, it is fully optimized for modern mobile devices running on the Android OS. You can choose one of the options provided.

You can control the machines using the accelerometer or virtual keys. Both control systems are good enough, you can choose the one that suits you better.


You can download on Android both the original Colin McRae Rally game and with a mod. Look for the hacked Colin McRae Rally on the Internet. This is an iconic racing simulator! The game was developed by Thumbstar Games Ltd.

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