Review on Farming Simulator 22 — not a revolution, but an evolution in the game of farmers

It's time to move away from the usual shooters, role-playing games and adventures and indulge in a more relaxed and creative pastime. And what better soothes the nerves and fills the soul with peace than rural life, unity with nature and everyday chores and simple joys. The recently released Farming Simulator 22 will help the yearning players with this.

As you might guess from the title, this is not the first part of the game series. This time, as in any other Farming Simulator, we will be engaged in raising agriculture from its knees on a separate map taken and indulge in important business for any farmer in the form of cultivating and plowing fields, planting seeds, applying fertilizers and irrigating crops. Also, we must not forget about weeding, pest control, as well as timely harvesting. But of course, first you have to get acquainted with the editor of your character, which turned out to be many times better than the same fifth part of Forza.

Among the crops available are already familiar wheat, rapeseed, sunflower corn, cotton and others, as well as newcomers to Farming Simulator 22, such as grapes and olives. For all types of crops, there are specialized mechanisms for harvesting and loading. In the new part of the farming simulator, a full-fledged calendar has been added with indications of the best periods for planting different types of crops and harvesting. Three maps are available for the game: Elmcreek - the classic American outback, Haut-Beyleron - a typical Mediterranean, Erlengrat - something similar to Switzerland and Germany.

Among the equipment already familiar from the previous parts, the players have a lot of licensed new products, and not only among tractors and trailers. Farming Simulator 22 adds new licensed Mack branded trucks, trailers, logging machines and a wide range of attachments. In addition, the production chains in the game have been expanded. So, now we are free to engage not only in growing crops and their subsequent sale, but we can, for example, open our own bakery and arrange deliveries of bread or cakes to the city. Moreover, for different industries, which is logical, different raw materials are required, which are produced both with the help of crop production and animal husbandry. Previously, such actions could be added using modifications, but now everything is already available in the game.

A somewhat truncated analogue of the Courseplay add-on will pleasantly ease the life of the player. Although this mechanic is not a panacea for the local routine, it is a great time saver when using several pieces of equipment at the same time. So, it will be possible, for example, to send several tractors to sell grain to different reception points or to distill equipment. A big disadvantage of this approach is the considerable cost of the services of employees. So to get a plus, you will have to do most of the actions yourself. Well, or is there an option to use the built-in cooperative and invite living friends to help in the difficult task of developing your farm.

In addition to fiddling with your vegetables, cereals and other root crops, the game also features animal husbandry and the forestry industry. Logging has not changed much since the last part. We chop trees, load them, take them to the sawmill, get money. There are, of course, still additional productions, but in fact in this industry in Farming Simulator 22 there are only minor changes. But animal husbandry has become more saturated. We still need to monitor the health of our pets, feed them regularly with monomix, change the straw bedding and, in the case of horses, regularly ride them, raising real horses. You can also always spend your time growing vegetables in greenhouses and beekeeping.

Of the most notable differences can be noted much prettier graphics and lighting. The resolution of vehicle and environment textures has been tightened up. The interiors of tractors, combines, cars and other vehicles have become more elaborate and even animations of controls have been added, including the gear knob. In the garage, you can conduct an initial inspection of equipment, and in the store, in addition to customizing equipment in the form of attachments for a front loader and engines, official branded tires have been added. At first glance, the changes are not so striking, but when you start to perceive the game as a whole, you understand that the last part of the farming simulator at the moment is a qualitative evolution of the series with a certain number of changes. But for the new part, the developers should still offer the players something truly new.

What is the result? Before us is the expected continuation of the popular series with minor changes. Everything is done with high quality and new gameplay chips add a pleasant variety. 8 out of 10.



Improved graphics;
New production chains;
New technology;
Improved animal husbandry;
Progressive crop rotation;
Attention to details;
Character editor.


A small number of changes compared to the last part;
Minor bugs.

Recommended T-150k-09
Recommended Scania V8
Recommended Fendt 900 TMS Vario
Recommended Don 680A and Reapers
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