The usual advice to increase income in FS 20 Android on your farm

Making money is a very important process in Farming Simulator 20. Beginners often make mistakes due to which they lose all their initial money. It is very important to competently manage your funds and be able to earn money on farming, otherwise you risk losing your business. Many beginners, having failed to cope with the task, make microtransactions, or download various .apk files / cheats to hack the game and get a lot of money. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to increase your income in FS20 and how to earn more money.


Choose the right culture

One of the main ways to make money in FS20 is to grow different crops. They differ in many ways: the way of growing, the tools and equipment that will be required in this matter, and the profit. You must grow crops that can be sold for a fairly decent amount, and get a good income.

Growing soybeans is an extremely profitable business. Soybean sells for a high price, and the most remarkable thing is that it does not require especially expensive equipment to grow this crop. For example, you decide to make money by selling cotton. However, it should be borne in mind that this will require quite expensive equipment that is not available at the beginning of the game. You would have to spend literally everything to be able to grow cotton, and it would be foolish to invest everything in one place.

In the case of soy, nothing super expensive is required, and you will get a high profit from the sale. Of course, you need to pick a good moment. Constantly growing the same crop is also not worth it, because in this case the price may drop, but if you want to make money quickly, soybeans will be an excellent choice.

Note that there is no specific "golden" culture. It will take time for you to understand how to make money the right way, what to grow, and what to do. However, try to understand as early as possible which crops are really worth growing, and which ones will take too much money and pay off for a long time.


Use fertilizer

Yes, many already experienced players will think that this is stupid advice. But the guide is written mainly for beginners, and many do not know that fertilizers play an important role in the profitability of the crop. Fertilizing is only an optional process when growing crops, which is why some players simply ignore this step. However, fertilizers greatly increase the yield of your crops. As a result, you will get much more harvest, and more money. By fertilizing your fields, you will get almost twice as much crop, and twice as much profit.

Make sure you fertilize the field 100%. Some fertilizer spreaders don't do the job very well and only fertilize the field by 50%. In this case, the field will have to walk twice. But some spreaders immediately fertilize the field by 100%, and significantly increase the yield. Don't forget about it!

If you are animal husbandry in FS20, you will have the opportunity to get free manure, free fertilizer. If you are not engaged in animal husbandry, just buy fertilizer in the store.


Use a good sweeper

When your crop is ready to be harvested, special harvesting machines are used - combines, and headers for them. At the beginning, in the "new farmer" mode, you get a harvester for free. However, many players forget about upgrading their equipment, and most importantly, the combine harvester.

The starter harvester is very slow and does a terrible job. The standard working width is too small, delaying harvesting, wasting valuable time, and time is money.

Yes, you should not immediately buy the most expensive equipment, but over time, buy more expensive and powerful combines and harvesters, and indeed any equipment in general. By using expensive and reliable equipment with good working width and high speed, you will save a lot of time and will be able to spend this time on more important things.

Absolutely all equipment needs to be updated, but this will happen over time. But try to upgrade the harvester with a header as early as possible when extra money appears.


Engage in animal husbandry

Animal husbandry is an important part of the game. Taking care of animals is interesting and profitable. In general, it is worth considering the care of cows separately. Yes, sheep care is much easier, but there is one peculiarity. Sheep produce wool, and often the game will notify you that there is no more storage space for wool, and you will constantly need to transport this resource. There is no such problem with cows.

But why cows? Let's start with the fact that cows produce milk. This is a fairly valuable resource that you can sell for a high price and make a good profit. We have already written about how to care for cows in FS20.

In addition to milk, cows produce fertilizer (dung). That is, these fertilizers can be used when growing crops to increase crop yields. In this case, you will simply get double the profit, since you will not have to buy fertilizers in the store.


Spend your money wisely

And the last piece of advice - spend your money wisely. There may come a moment in the game when it seems that there is too much money. Under any circumstances, you should not spend your money anywhere. It is especially important to save money at the beginning of the game. If you spend money without understanding what's what, very soon you will have to delete the old save and start over from scratch.

For example, you have an ordinary tractor that is still working and does not need to be replaced / improved. Many beginners immediately run to buy a more expensive, beautiful and powerful tractor, but this is a mistake. With this approach, very soon you will be left without money.

First, you should figure out what equipment you lack, what tools you need, what you need to buy in order to increase your income. In other words, plan all your purchases. Plan not only purchases, but also all your actions. Think about whether you really need a specific technique, or you can invest money to buy another tool that will increase your income, because FS20 is not only a game about farming, it is also a game about finance. Learn how to properly allocate your funds.

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