Growing animals on your Farming 20 Android, buying and feeding

Farming Simulator 20 is the mobile version of the popular FS game series. Here the player has a choice: to farm and grow crops, to engage in animal husbandry or something else. However, each process has its own characteristics that you need to know in order not to make mistakes. In this guide, we will figure out how to feed cows in FS20. This is done quite simply, in a few steps.


Buying a trailer and the animals themselves

First of all, we need to buy cows. To do this, we buy a special trailer for transporting animals, we hook this trailer to our tractor, we drive up to a store where animals are sold (animal dealer, displayed on the map). There are many different cows in the store, the choice is yours. Select the desired cow and the number of cows, press the "confirm" button. Congratulations, you have bought a cow!

Note! Several animals can be transported in one trailer at once. It all depends on the type of trailer and capacity.

Now we make sure that the cows are in our trailer, and we go to our farm, where the barn (cow pen) is located. There will be an icon next to your barn. You need to drive up to this icon, and a special menu will open where you can unload the trailer, drive the animals into the corral. In the menu, select those animals that we want to leave in this barn (to do this, press the orange button in the middle, between the buttons "Confirm" and "Back"). Everything, click on "confirm".

After that, your cows will already be in the barn.


Animal needs: feed

Your cows (like any other animal) have needs. You need to take care of your animals: feed and water them, and only in this case you will receive the necessary resources from them: milk, manure.

First of all, go to the animals menu, which displays all the current animals that you own and their needs. Check this menu every 3-4 minutes to make sure the animals are okay. In the corresponding menu, you will see the type of cow, how long ago you bought this cow, how much milk, manure and slurry you received, and the productivity in percent. In the right window there will be requirements.

Cows need to be fed grass and hay. You can get grass simply: first, we go through the place where the grass grows with a mower, then we use a baler, which will collect all this grass (or hay) and turn it into a bale.

Next, we need a special trailer for transporting bales. We hook the trailer to our tractor and go to collect bales of grass. We collect all the bales, and drive up to our barn, to the icon, where the bales are unloaded (see screen).

We are waiting for the unloading. Please note that some bales will disappear immediately, and some will remain at the point where you unloaded. Don't worry, over time, these bales will automatically disappear as soon as the cows need food.

The situation is exactly the same with bales of hay. We just use the baler, then we load all the bales into our trailer with automatic unloading function, we drive up to the barn and unload.

Again we go to the menu of animals and we see that they already have enough food.

Important note! If you want your cows to produce manure that can be used as free fertilizer, don't forget to give them straw. Straw is unloaded separately from hay and grass bales, at a special point (there is an icon).

Straw is unloaded automatically as soon as you put the trailer in the right position (as shown in the screenshot).


Animal Needs: Water

Well, it's time to water our cows. This requires water. We buy a trailer for transporting water. We hitch our empty trailer to the tractor and look for a source of water. There are many sources of water, it will not be difficult to find it. We drive up to the icon next to the water source, and begin to fill our trailer. Water filling starts automatically.

As soon as the trailer is full, we return back to our barn. We drive up to the point of unloading water (there is an icon, see the screenshot). The water from the trailer starts to unload and your cows now have water. We open the menu again and make sure that in the needs window our cows have enough water to drink, and productivity is at 100%.

So we figured out how to feed and water cows in Farming Simulator 20.

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