Farming Simulator 24 is coming out soon, and I want to offer my idea

This year, in the fall of 2023, a new Farming Simulator series should be released, with new innovations. It would seem that you can still come up with something new and interesting? And you can still come up with something interesting and new - from the most global to the simplest trifles.

Here, for example, is the search for gold nuggets on the map, which has long existed since the previous Farmer series. He offers to find all the nuggets and get additional capital to his farm (FS24). But these are trifles, and especially if you already have a fairly developed agriculture. Because looking for gold bars will be just fun.

My idea for a new Farming Simulator

But what if the developers of Giants Software did in Farming Simulator 24 search for some kind of toys instead of gold bars, such as accessories for decoration in the vehicle cabin. Then hitching them to your tractor, similar to how it is implemented in the game Euro Truck Simulator 2 for a truck. But in our case, the farmer is able to move around the map, and this contributes to a more interesting extraction of accessories, and even better than just buying them in a store.

I suggest that a variety of accessories be scattered throughout the map in various parts of the area (this is better than just looking for gold nuggets). And those that have already been found should appear in the workshop or garage. There it will be allowed to hang these found things all over the interior, and the exterior would also be decorated.

Accessories for Farming Simulator 24 include options such as curtains for windows in the cab and weight cubes, a spare wheel or other repair part. All sorts of things you can think of! Also, in the exterior mode, grab mudguards, put a beacon on the roof or place flags.

My idea is quite feasible, which will allow you to find accessories and cling to your vehicle. To do this, when working with the model in GIANTS Editor 2024, place special points (triggers) to which accessories with the corresponding trigger will cling.

And their further diversity can be diversified by making mods for accessories for Farming Simulstor. Which in turn in 2015 is a very cool idea!

Recommended KDN 210
Recommended MTZ-1221
Recommended Dong Feng 153 and 4 Addons
Recommended RSM 2375 and Modification 2400
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