Cheat tractor Raba Steiger 250 for MudRunner Mods from Modding, will pass everywhere

The Raba Steiger 250 mod in MudRunner is a very efficient tractor that will drag everything with it. It is easy for such a model to go through any ford and high mountains, even despite the loaded trailer behind it. And it's not because the Raba Steiger 250 has such a design... although it also gives a good plus, given the free physics of the MudRunner game.

Steiger 250, although it turns out like a cheat in the game, but the fuel tank is not dimensionless. Considering the low speed of the tractor, there will not be enough fuel, but it is enough during operation. It is worth downloading the tractor mod and using it in the MudRunner game.

Key features of the Steiger 250 mod

For MudRunner, the Raba Steiger 250 model is made to scale 1:1, which means proportional to the size of the driver and the environment. Of course, not perfect, it's a game and you could make a mistake in the units.

The sound of the engine seems to be original, made from videos in which the Raba Steiger 250 sounded. It seems to match the original, but the quality is not ideal compared to recording sound into a microphone.

In general, the tractor has all the proper functions, the winch clings, the axle lock and the front axle are switched on. At night, you can turn on the headlights with dimensions, the brake lights always work as intended.

There is a view from the cabin, as well as from a third person. The tractor driver works in the cab and turns the animated steering wheel. The number of revolutions is the same as in the original Steiger 250.

Raba Steiger 250 in the MudRunner garage

In the garage for the tractor there are nine default add-ons, trailers for timber and a couple of tanks. There are no modules for Raba 250 in the assortment, but what could be done.

This is a very passable tractor for MudRunner Mods, and this same Raba Steiger 250 can be used as a tractor in difficult places. Pull loaded trucks that are not designed for off-road.

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