Agricultural technology creators advertise their brands in the Farming Simulator video game

What technology has reached in video games, the manufacturers of agricultural machinery themselves offer a license for the models. And yes, you are willing to pay! The main thing is that the visualization of the 3D model should be done in more detail.

The creators who released their first farming game is Giants Software in 2008. And for today, the last game released by them is Farming Simulator 24, with a sufficient implementation of the change of year and cropping seasons. In addition, engaging in forestry and the production of industrial products with their implementation.

One of the representatives of Giants Software told The Guardian newspaper a couple of interesting events. It is reported that agricultural machinery manufacturers are ready to provide drawings and documentation to detail their proposed agricultural machinery. And this in the Farming Simulator game allows you to advertise your product and brand, where farming fans show interest in it and get used to it as a favorite toy. Which in the future will help to identify the brand of agricultural machinery in your enterprise faster and more confidently.

Such actions on the part of manufacturers of agricultural technology can justify the development costs, these same developers at Giants Software. Which the license for the brand gets for free, and even more than. And for us fans to play Farming Simulator free DLC and more diverse content.

Competition in the agricultural machinery market

Such events between agricultural machinery manufacturers and Farming Simulator game creators are quite capable of influencing the agricultural machinery market, and especially when there is competition. After all, the player in such conditions will study in more detail the proper unit, tractor or combine. Thus, more addicted to a particular brand.

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