15 years of Giants Software success and the upcoming Farming Simulator 24

Game company Giants Software today celebrates 15 years of successful development of Farming Simulator, as the first game was released on April 14, 2008. Like a simple farming simulator. But after not a long time, she gained good popularity, and especially thanks to the modding of the game.

Perhaps the developers did not count on such an outcome of the popularity of the Farming Simulator series, but it turned out to be just that - at the highest level. In addition to the farm from Giants Software, in 2011 another game Skiregion Simulator 2012 was released on the same engine (its proprietary). But they did not continue it as a series, although this game has a moddin, and there are mods for it to download.

The Farming Simulator (FS) series was published every two years on PC. And in the meantime, a year later, Farming ports to mobile devices such as Android and iOS, as well as other not very popular devices. But the latest Farming Simulator 22 missed the release date every two years, because it was already designed for next-generation game consoles and mobile devices, those that most effectively support Directx 12 and a number of other graphical improvements.

Given today's anniversary, Giants Software are celebrating 15 years of success this year. In addition, the regular release of the next series expires in the fall of 2023. It is possible with great hope and probability to announce the release of Farming Simulator 24 this fall. And obviously they have prepared something new, and quite interesting. But FS 23 Mobile this month you can play and develop your own mobile farm in it, having a platform running Android or iOS.

We hope that closer to the summer the developers will please us with a new picture in the screenshots from the upcoming Farming Simulator 24, which should be released on PC and next-generation consoles. Already this fall!

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