Should I play NEXT RP - a great game about Russia based on GTA

NEXT RP is a role-playing game and online life simulator with a fully open world, which is created based on the realities of Russia. The absence of any territorial restrictions implies complete freedom of action. Each player will be able to freely roam the city and go to the first shops that come across. You get the opportunity to choose an interesting activity to your liking, in the game there is no principle of obligation to complete tasks.

Is NEXT RP Worth Playing?

Earn money in any convenient way, buy the necessary things in shops, walk in parks or just wander along the narrow winding streets. The project has the mechanics of leveling the character, which implies the improvement of existing talents. You will always have the opportunity to purchase a smarter suit, the latest car or a luxurious country house. The whole world around is fully interactive, which means that you can interact with every character or object here.

For lovers of linear passage, a system of quests is provided with a valuable reward for the successful completion of tasks. Another global goal of the developers - to surpass all other participants - adds their interest to the events taking place in this world. Is NEXT RP Worth Playing? Yes, if you have a weak PC and would like to change the setting.

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